zondag 11 december 2011


REFERENCE POINT The Trappists 'Pocket Of A Friend'

This is one of the first re-edits we produced - from the now legendary (for us) Ghent 'cellar' sessions (actually in an attic). The original track 'Feel Me' was released in 1982 but failed to make the UK top 40, peaking at no.46. The follow up single was their biggest hit 'Living On The Ceiling'. They have been touring again this year and released a brand new album 'Blanc Burn' in March 2011 (complete with retro sleeve art).

We've selected a nice bit of live Blancmange action for this post. Here's the footage from The Tube, performed in December 1982 (not 1983 as stated in the youtube info). 'Blind Vision' followed by 'Living On the Ceiling' both performed in the classic synth duo style. We love the raw sound, particularly with 'Blind Vision'.

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