dinsdag 20 december 2011


We're proud to present the quickly-cobbled together video for The Trappists' christmas re-edit. The video was shot in Aalst on Saturday. It stars De Piejemp and Gilles from De Gilles Spot. You can click on the link to watch the previous 'De Gilles Spot Kerstspecial'. It's also produced and filmed in Aalst and is therefore in Dutch. That might preclude many of you making much sense of it but you may well still enjoy the visual comedy anyway.

Back to the re-edit. We hijacked several parts of Cassetteboy's 'Festive Christmas' CD for the re-edit (especially in the full length version). The CD was originally released back in 2002, the follow-up release to their classic first album 'The Parker Tapes'. We find ourselves coming back to it year after year as, quite frankly, it dwarfs pretty much all other Christmas themed musical entertainment. If you don't know much about Cassetteboy but have a twisted and juvenile humorous side then check out the Cassetteboy channel on youtube. We've also embedded the 'Festive Christmas 2010 Edit' from Cassetteboy's Soundcloud below.

Cassetteboy (feat. Tony D'Money) - Festive Christmas 2010 by Cassetteboy

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