dinsdag 20 november 2012


inside the box

This mix is one big nod to the progenitors of the (pre-) new beat era. To the guys in the eighties who played their records at the wrong speeds in clubs in small belgian towns like Aalbeke or Destelbergen. To the AB, Liaisons Dangereuses and USA import-guys in Antwerp, the DJ's at Mirano (like the legend JC Maury), the guys from our homebase Aalst (Bogaert, Demeyer, Target records) and everybody who contributed to this unique era in Belgium's musical history

It's also a balearic statement of sorts. Balearic in the more original sense of a openness to variety and non-confirmity in dancing entertainment (minus the desire/excuse to play Simply Red or other dross). It's an attempt to bring together some electronic music we like from the last 30-odd years together in a slo-mo dance mix.  

Obviously we've included some genuine new beat-classics, some imaginary AB classics, a few 90's bleeps as well as new tracks (mostly played at the wrong speed) and some bits of our own. We do not aim to recreate anything. It's all about atmosphere and the philosophy behind it all: playing all kinds of different electronic music and putting it all together in a way that it makes sense to us.

We were both born in the lowlands albeit on opposite sides of the North Sea (in East Flanders & Lincolnshire). This is an Anglo-Belgian alliance - the sounds of shared sensibilities and different experiences coming together. The rave of future past.

zondag 21 oktober 2012


A bizarre digitised treat in the form of this Europcar promotional 7" from 1983. It was produced in Belgium by Micro. Not sure who they were - possibly Messers J. Ventura, J. Lardot and J. Puertas who claim the writing credits. According to Discogs, J. Lardot was a member of Tormentor, a Belgian heavy metal band from Brussels active in the 1980's. As for J. Puertas, he could also be from Tormentor but could be the keyboardist on Dutch band The Machines' 'Dots & Dashes' LP, also from 1983. The Machines link seems most unlikely, probably dubious linking by a Discog contributor.

The 10 cents invested in this curio were well spent. Resplendent with a sublimely catchy chorus and a steady motorik funky groove replete with bad multi-lingual rapping, a peach of a catchy chorus finished off with customer service fuelled outro just to ram the message home. They are the super service people after all.

There's also an Italian 7" and 12" pressing with the 12" apparently contaning a Disco mix. Maybe the record was a huge smash in the Italian clubs in 1983! Anyway, it's huge smash around The Trappists HQ - so much so that we've done a little re-edit. Head here or here to listen & download or here to watch the video.

Download the original single's quirky delights below. 320 kbps mp3's ripped from the 7".

We Are The Super Service People

vrijdag 12 oktober 2012


After 40 posts and 4 years of sporadic activity, the Amateur Athletics blog is now dormant and will remain so. The links are all inactive and there isn't enough time to devote to keeping everything up and running.

On the plus side, though, The Trappists are as busy as ever with lot's of tasty sonic entertainment in the pipeline. We'll be using the Vademecum blog a lot more to reflect all this activity. We've been digitising some of our records and are creating some nice compilations (with download links of course). We'll be putting future Trappists/Rochemalle DJ mixes up here as well. So bookmark or favourite the blog for future reference!

We'll start the ball rolling with a few old favourites from the Amateur Athletics blog. The most downloaded mixes by far were the series of four library music DJ mixes made in 2009 & 2010. Here they are again in all their glory!..





dinsdag 7 augustus 2012


A new Trappists associated project providing a harder "maximal" sound! First up is a DJ mix on the newly formed Rochemalle Mixcloud site. You can also follow us on facebook.

donderdag 17 mei 2012


25th of may the Trappists will be playing a dj-set at INSTALLation10 (Flora- 9300 Aalst (Belgium)
The Trappists play from 19:00 till 22:00 during the fashionshow. Afterwards party with VILLA, TLP, ARALT SPINNEWYN AND BEATS DEFLORATION. facebook facebook

dinsdag 20 maart 2012


Just a quick mention for our WeAreTheTrappists youtube channel. There are videos up on there for nearly all of the tracks we've made available on the blog as well as the odd link to a few other things we like.

Here's the video for the youtube/download only track 'Messers Schmidt'

Download a 320kbps mp3 of the track here

woensdag 28 december 2011