vrijdag 2 december 2011


REFERENCE POINT The Trappists 'Untidy Whores'

So yeah, 'Untidy Whores' is The Trappists' re-interpretation of John Cale's 'Rosegarden Funeral Of Sores'. The original track is hidden away on the b-side of 'Mercenaries (Ready For War)', an IRS 7" from 1980. We think the original is still unavailable on CD or digitally. Anyway, Bauhaus must have loved it as their (much more famous) cover-version appeared on the b-side of 'Telegram Sam' the same year.

Back to Mr. Cale. There are so many reasons to admire him. Here's six of ours...

1. 'Church Of Anthrax' (w/ Terry Riley)
2. 'Hanky Panky Know-How' from Paris 1919
3. Nico 'Desert Shore'
4. Happy Mondays '24 Hour Party People'
5. The Stooges 'The Stooges'
6. Velvet Underground 'The Gift'

...and here's a seventh, a clip of John on 'I've Got A Secret' in September 1963.

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